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Nenna, who is usually credited as “Lisa Throw,” started her career in the not-quite-a-blockbuster Tender Loving Care, a touching story about really hot chicks who really enjoy being naked in front of people who they don’t know. From there, Nenna has basically stuck to the Skinful bits that have made her quite a hit on the soft-core circuit. She gets naked in every movie
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Born 02/10/1973 at Los Angeles, California, USA

White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Large Breasts, Fake, Average Body Size
Bare Deception (2000)
Sex Files: Pleasureville (1999)
Shandra: The Jungle Girl (1999)
I Like to Play Games Too (1998)
Love Games (1998)
Sheer Passion (1998)
I'm Watching You (1997)
Tender Loving Care (1995)

Nenna Quiroz nude        Nenna Quiroz nude

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