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Sumptuously suckadocious breast-bomb Shannon Whirry commenced her career with a (two) bit part in the Steven Seagal action flick Out for Justice (1991), but praise be, she quickly moved on to more skinful fare--because this whole-lotta-women has more than enough skin to share! Since the early 1990s she's suck-cessfully balanced between TV gigs on shows such as Eden, Black Scorpion, and Mike Hammer, Private
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Born 11/07/1964 at Wisconsin, USA

White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Large Breasts, Real, Average Body Size
Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
Fatal Pursuit (1998)
Exit (1996)
Playback (1996)
Ringer (1996)
Dangerous Prey (1995)
The Granny (1995)
Private Obsession (1995)
Animal Instincts II (1994)
Lady In Waiting (1994)
Mirror Images II (1994)
Body of Influence (1993)
Animal Instincts (1992)
The Prophet's Game (1999)

Shannon Whirry nude        Shannon Whirry nude

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